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The work done at 

Kayo's Football Academy 

focuses on soccer, but encompasses enriching the athlete both inside & outside. There is a physiological & psychological component to the process, ensuring that children in the program receive a well-rounded experience. A coach trains attendees in soccer principles, a certified instructor teaches academic foundations, and a social worker aides in building crucial developmental skills & highlighting any barriers to overall wellness. 

The organisation also hosts an annual tournament in collaboration with

Rickland "Tallo" Hutson

for local youth teams. The event is open to the community and volunteers give their time freely to ensure its success.


weekly at ToppXX Football Club

(Linden, Guyana)



[June - November]  Saturdays, 9am - 12pm

(Retrieve, Linden, Guyana)



[November/December] Annual Tournament

 The Fiesta Cup 

(Linden, Guyana)



To provide equipment, supplies, nutrition, and work space the organisation accepts donations and sponsorship. 

Annual Youth Challenge Tournament

Dec 9th


The Fiesta Cup

Linden, Guyana (South America)

1-day event

~ free ~


The academy is currently working on a project to acquire a field & building in Retrieve (Linden, Guyana) to become a permanent home for Kayo's Football Academy. This new facility will ensure that a training site is available year round to athletes at no cost. Saturday academic and counselling sessions will also continue to be provided - where volunteer staff from education institutions, local medical schools, and football clubs can assist athlete development and further the enrichment of children through a full service training program designed to bring soccer to any child that wishes to participate. 

Contact us to learn more about our project or to help us achieve this goal.

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