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ages 5 - 8

Focus: Introduction to Soccer/Fundamentals

Technical: ball manipulation (encouraging ball relationship)

Physical: motor skills (balance, coordination, agility, etc)

Social: support, encouragement, and inclusion

Creating a challenging but fun environment, not neglecting structure to training session.

ages 8 - 11

Focus: Learning to Train

- soccer related principals 

- understanding the importance of technique (unopposed) to skill (opposed)

Well-calculated progression from the fundamental stage.

ages 11 - 14

Focus: Training from Teaching

- progression of skill

- the ability to use "how, where, and when" principals

(how = technique, where = best suited area on the field to display moves, when = opponent's location)

Physical: aerobic development, agility,  and rhythm

Psychological: demonstrating awareness and vision

The ability to process and assess situations, ultimately helping player decision making. It's important at this stage to balance competition and training in the interest of development.

ages 14 - 16

Focus: Training to Compete

- understanding strengths and weaknesses

- recognizing best suited position on the field

- understanding the principal in attack and defense

- display individual, units, and collective roles on the field

- the ability to execute skill (processing & assessing situations to improve decision making)

Physical: explosive strength, agility , muscle endurance, etc 

Psychological: strong character including selflessness and accepting responsibility

Maximizing true ability.

ages 16 - 18

Focus: Training to Compete (ADVANCED)

- developing a level of consistency, organization, and structure in competition

- as players progress through the prior phase, winning becomes a central and vital aspect of this phase

Encourage learning from the competitiveness of competition, rather than the results.

ages 18 & open

Focus: Training to Win

- at this level players must be sound in all aspects of soccer, progressing from all the stages

Physical: physical approach here is essential to helping players execute correctly & consistently

Application to training and consistent high level performance, with a clear decision to pursue soccer.

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