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Kayode McKinnon & Co. takes a highly specialized approach to training; understanding that each athlete is unique. So before training begins it's important for every player to have a PDP (personal development profile). We all grace the earth with our own greatness, but in order to succeed we must first recognize where help or adjustment is needed. The PDP aids each athlete in analyzing areas of development for technical/tactical, psychological, and physical attributes regarding current skill levels. That analysis is then used to identify core strengths and possible weaknesses, enabling the coach to focus on the key areas necessary for improving the athlete's overall performance. The PDP is an important aspect of the elite training system along with other factors to enhance the development process. One such factor is to recognize purpose and have clear objectives (i.e: a fundamental approach, training to train/compete vs. training to win) outlined early. Consideration in formulating the right regimen is also based on the athlete's mental process. Therefore careful attention would be given to a player's learning style (i.e visual, auditory, or kinesthetic) to further enhance development and maximize the benefits of customized training. Another important factor is understanding the science behind athletic capability during the stages of growth. Every athlete may want to be a superstar, but rarely is any athlete superhuman. Thus, safety is always an underlying theme in how the training regimen will commence. Though we play for glory and train to victory, the integrity of the elite training system is first based in health and wellness. Encompassing all these tenets, we help you to achieve your goal.

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