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I believe every athlete should have a sense of purpose before they set goals. When you understand why you do something - either based on feeling, imagination, or a conscious effort - it's only then your true potential is recognized. Purely talent-based results have taken away the ability to teach and indoctrinate the processes needed to not only produce great athletes, but to create a well rounded human being. We are now faced with many super stars and few role models. 

The mission of Kayode McKinnon &Co. speaks not just to results, but to the journey (i.e: what do you want to accomplish). I'm committed to the journey with discipline (approaching the process with total focus and maximum effort), practice (understanding the context of every drill and how it must apply on a consistent basis), and technique (the ability to execute with efficiency and apply skill effectively). In this process our players move from an instinctive (natural approach) player to a more deliberative player (ability to assess & process situations to encourage good decision making).


The purpose here is to develop the athlete from the inside to the outside:

through discipline, dedication, and respect for the self & others.

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